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Preparation of Risk Assessment Document

Risk assessment is a procedure used to determine the level of danger, harm, and effort in terms of potential workplace injuries, occupational diseases, work-related illnesses, and disruptions in the work process that could have adverse effects on the safety and health of workers.

According to the Law on Occupational Safety (Official Gazette of FBiH 79/20) and the Rules on Risk Assessment (Official Gazette of FBiH 23/21), the issuance of a Risk Assessment Document is a legal obligation for every employer.

Employers conduct risk assessments for each job position and workplace in the working environment.

The preparation of a risk assessment document includes:

  • Analysis of work organization
  • Identification of hazards and risks in job positions and workplaces in the working environment
  • Evaluation of risks related to hazards and harm
  • Determination of methods and measures for eliminating, reducing, or preventing risks


  • Risk assessment in workplaces and working environments
  • Internal occupational safety document
  • Periodic inspection and testing of work equipment and personal protective equipment
  • Periodic inspection and testing of physical, chemical, and biological hazards and microclimates in work and ancillary spaces
  • Training of workers for safe work at their job positions