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Mining is an industry that supplies raw materials to many industrial activities, encompassing a set of works related to the exploration and extraction of mineral resources. In a broader sense, mining also includes the construction of underground spaces and tunnels.

“MULTITEH ENGINEERING” d.o.o. Zenica, as part of its wide range of services, also conducts mining inspections in the field of occupational safety based on the resolution of the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining, and Industry.

In this regard, our licensed experts with years of experience perform the following inspections for you:

Complete electroenergetic testing

Thermoenergetic testing (testing of pressure vessels, valves…)

Periodic inspection and testing of work equipment and personal protective equipment, machinery and equipment for metal processing, transportation vehicles, excavators, cranes, mining and construction machinery, conveyor belts, and other transporters…

Examination and testing of working environment conditions

Testing and analysis of physical, chemical, and biological hazards;

Measurement and analysis of noise in workplaces and facilities;

Measurement and analysis of vibration in workplaces and facilities

Measurement and analysis of lighting in workspaces

Measurement and analysis of air temperature and flow.

Issuance of appropriate documents in the field of occupational safety in mining

Ex training (mechanical and electrical parts)

Employee education for handling pressure vessels

Internal occupational safety document


Simplified mining project

Mining projects (Main, supplementary)

Revision of mining projects.


Our organization is authorized to provide supervision over the implementation of occupational safety measures in the field of mining for you.