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Fire Protection

Services in the field of fire protection encompass various activities and approaches applied to reduce the risk of fire, ensure the safety of people and property, and prevent damage caused by fires. These services play a crucial role in fire prevention, detection, and suppression. Here are several key services in the field of fire protection:

Fire Protection Elaborate;

Fire Protection Plan;

Fire and Explosion Vulnerability Assessment;

Fire Protection Project;

Explosion Hazard Zone Elaborate;

Evacuation Plan;

Fire Protection Elaborate for Construction Sites;

Preparation of site suitability elaborates for the location of tanks or storage of hazardous materials,

Expert assessment of technical documentation regarding the application of fire protection measures;

Fire Protection Measures Program;

Worker Education Program in Fire Protection;

Worker Education Program for handling explosive and flammable materials (gases and liquids);

Fire Protection Regulations;

Fire Protection Records;

Preparation of documentation and preparation for audits from external customers.

Training and knowledge assessment of all workers in the field of Fire Protection;

Evacuation and rescue drills;

Specialized training in Fire Protection for handling flammable liquids and gases in transit;

Explosion Protection Worker Training – EX training.