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Accredited Body for Lift Inspection

According to the order on elevator safety issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “elevator” means a device serving certain levels and having a carrier moving along rigid guides with an inclination greater than 15 degrees to the horizontal, intended for the transport of:

  • individuals,
  • individuals and goods,
  • goods only if the carrier is accessible, i.e., into which a person can enter without difficulty, and if equipped with controls located inside the carrier or within reach of the person inside the carrier.

Since 2000, MULTITEH ENGINEERING d.o.o. Zenica has been involved in elevator inspections. Since then, until today, throughout the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, MULTITEH ENGINEERING d.o.o. Zenica has become the leading company for elevator inspections. We possess competent and trained personnel, equipment for conducting all activities related to the inspection of hydraulic and electric elevators.

Through years of successful operation and the reputation we have gained, we have become a leading company in this field in the market we cover. Without false modesty, today we can be ranked among the most successful companies performing this activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2014, based on Article 9 of the Law on Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE has been issued, confirming that “MULTITEH ENGINEERING” d.o.o. Zenica is an Accredited Inspection Body for elevators and meets the requirements of the BAS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2013 standard regarding the competence to perform elevator inspections throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina (Inspection Body Type A).


  • Inspection/Examination of elevators before placing them on the market;
  • Inspection/Examination of elevators in use:
    • Regular technical inspection,
    • Extraordinary technical inspection,
    • Inspection for safety improvement,
    • Inspection of elevators during building reconstruction or adaptation.
  • Issuance of approval for elevator technicians.
  • Individual verification
  • Final inspection

Based on the Order on elevator safety No. 99/12, Article 24, Paragraph 1, Regular technical inspection of the elevator must be performed at least once a year, as well as issuance of approval for elevator technicians.